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In the vibrant heart of Lansdale, PA, QG Smart Home shines as the epitome of electrical service excellence, merging unrivaled expertise with a profound commitment to safety and innovation. Distinguished as Lansdale’s premier electrician, our team is dedicated to enriching the lives of residential and commercial clients through a comprehensive suite of electrical solutions. From precision generator installations and contemporary outlet replacements to full-scale panel upgrades, intricate rewiring, and beyond, our goal is to ensure your electrical systems not only operate seamlessly but also significantly enhance the safety and functionality of your environments. Our electricians are experts in the electrical field, but trained for smart home installs in Hatfield.

Electric Panels

Installing or replacing electrical panels.

Hexagon LED Lighting

Customize your garage or living spaces with this innovative light.

Switches & Outlets

Upgrading your home with outlets and switches.


Keeping your electricity is important. A generator can help.

Connect with Lansdale’s Leading Electrical Experts: QG Smart Home

As the leading electrician service in Lansdale, PA, QG Smart Home is ready to tackle all your electrical challenges with expertise and dedication. Whether enhancing your home’s lighting, conducting panel upgrades, or integrating smart home technologies, our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction ensures your electrical projects are executed with exceptional skill. Reach out to us today to transform your property’s electrical system and experience the QG Smart Home difference.

cabinet lighting

Kitchen Lighting

Upgrade your kitchen with under cabinet lighting, ambient lighting and accent lighting.


For your family safety it is important to fix wiring.



Keeping your power to your home when storms roll in, no more worrying.

Replacing Electric Panel

Installing a new electric panel for safety and keeping it up to code with new standards.

Upgrade to Smart Living with Ease

Smart Lighting

Convert your lights to be controlled by your device.

Smart Switches

Control lights throughout the house without rewiring.

Smart Outlets

Turn off outlets when you are away from your home.

Home Automation

Allow QG Smart Home show you how to automate your home.

Electrical Services in Lansdale

Why Lansdale Chooses QG Smart Home for Unmatched Electrical Services

Opting for QG Smart Home for your electrical requirements in Lansdale signifies a preference for a service that prioritizes your property’s safety and operational efficiency. Distinctive features of our service include:

  • Generator Installations: Secure your property against unexpected power disruptions with our customized generator installations, offering Lansdale homes and businesses reliability and peace of mind.
  • Modern Outlet Replacements: Update your space with our outlet replacement services, integrating the latest technologies to support today’s digital and electrical demands.
  • Advanced Panel Upgrades: Our panel upgrades are critical for accommodating the electrical needs of contemporary appliances and enhancing overall system safety and capacity.
  • Expert Rewiring Services: Catering to both older renovations and new constructions, our rewiring services ensure a safe, efficient, and regulation-compliant electrical setup.
  • Innovative Electrical Installations: Elevate your Lansdale property with our custom electrical installations, from advanced lighting solutions to smart home system integrations, all tailored to your specific needs.

Raising the Standard in Lansdale with Superior Electrical Services

QG Smart Home’s dedication to providing Lansdale with premier electrical services is evident in our meticulous work and pursuit of innovation. Understanding the vital importance of a robust electrical system, we aim to deliver solutions that not only tackle today’s electrical challenges but also future-proof your property, ensuring it remains a benchmark of electrical excellence.

The Value of Expert Electrical Services in Lansdale

Navigating the complexities of modern electrical systems necessitates professional expertise. By entrusting your Lansdale property to QG Smart Home, you gain access to a team of professionals committed to the latest electrical standards and innovations. Our focus on safety, efficiency, and cutting-edge solutions positions us as the go-to electrical service provider for discerning property owners.

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