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Nestled in the heart of Blue Bell, PA, our electrician services are redefining the standards of electrical excellence. Recognized as Blue Bell’s leading electrician, we offer a comprehensive suite of services that cater to the modern homeowner’s needs. From dependable generator installations ensuring your home’s power never skips a beat, to the latest in lighting solutions including energy-efficient hexagon LED lights, our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has established us as the best electrician choice in Blue Bell. Embrace the future with our custom lighting designs, tailored to enhance the beauty and functionality of your Blue Bell home or business.

Electric Panels

Installing or replacing electrical panels.

Hexagon LED Lighting

Customize your garage or living spaces with this innovative light.

Switches & Outlets

Upgrading your home with outlets and switches.


Keeping your electricity is important. A generator can help.

Blue Bell’s Premier Electrician Services: Where Innovation Meets Reliability

In Blue Bell, PA, our electrician services stand out for their commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Offering everything from reliable generator installations, advanced lighting solutions like hexagon LED lights, to bespoke lighting designs, we ensure every project is completed with the highest standards. Trust Blue Bell’s preferred electrician to bring quality, efficiency, and style to your electrical needs.

cabinet lighting

Kitchen Lighting

Upgrade your kitchen with under cabinet lighting, ambient lighting and accent lighting.


For your family safety it is important to fix wiring.



Keeping your power to your home when storms roll in, no more worrying.

Replacing Electric Panel

Installing a new electric panel for safety and keeping it up to code with new standards.

Upgrade to Smart Living with Ease

Smart Lighting

Convert your lights to be controlled by your device.

Smart Switches

Control lights throughout the house without rewiring.

Smart Outlets

Turn off outlets when you are away from your home.

Home Automation

Allow QG Smart Home show you how to automate your home.

Electrical Services in Blue Bell

Our reputation as the best electrician in Blue Bell is built on a foundation of trust, unparalleled service, and innovative solutions. As your local Blue Bell electrician, we are dedicated to providing you with electrical services that exceed your expectations, from generator installations to custom lighting solutions.

Generator Installations: Securing Uninterrupted Power in Blue Bell

In Blue Bell, the importance of a reliable power source cannot be overstated. Our generator installation services are designed with your peace of mind as the top priority, offering robust solutions that keep your property powered through any outage. Tailored to meet the specific needs of Blue Bell residents, our generators are a testament to our commitment to reliability and safety.

Illuminate Your World: Advanced Lighting Solutions for Blue Bell Homes

Lighting transforms spaces, and in Blue Bell, we’re illuminating homes and businesses with cutting-edge solutions. Dive into the world of hexagon LED lights for a modern, efficient lighting option that not only enhances your space but also optimizes your energy consumption. Whether you’re seeking ambient lighting for a cozy atmosphere or vibrant lighting for workspaces, our Blue Bell electrician services have you covered.

Hexagon LED Lights: The Future of Lighting in Blue Bell

Hexagon LED lights represent the pinnacle of lighting innovation in Blue Bell. These customizable, energy-saving lighting solutions offer both style and substance, allowing you to create unique patterns that light up your life while keeping your energy bills low. Perfect for those in Blue Bell looking to add a contemporary touch to their homes.

Don’t forget QG Smart Home offers the best smart home services in Blue Bell. Give our electricians a call if you are looking to add some innovation to your home.

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