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We’re currently offering remote, pick-up & drop-off  services in Perkasie. 

Experiencing problems with your computer, laptop, or tablet in Perkasie, PA? Our specialized repair services are here to help. From screen replacements and hardware upgrades to resolving software issues, our experienced technicians can handle it all. We offer comprehensive repair solutions for all types of devices, ensuring they perform optimally. Rely on us to get your devices back in perfect working condition, so you can resume your activities without any interruptions.

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Blue screen of death? We can fix it.


Need a custom computer built? We can help.

Virus Removal

Don’t let malware or viruses ruin your life.


Get a tune-up so your device can run like new.

computer repairs

Computer, Laptop & Tablet Repairs & Services in Perkasie, PA

By choosing our services in Perkasie, PA, you can be confident that your technology needs are in expert hands. Our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction guarantees that you receive the best service possible every time.

Upgrade Your Home with Technology

Smart Home

Allow QG Smart Home show you how to automate your home.

WiFi Upgrades

Having WiFi issues? Can’t connect in certain places. We can help.

Smart Connections

Have your smart home speak to each other in a single dashboard.

Smart Power

Allow QG Smart Home show you where you consume your electric.

WiFi Repairs

Facing WiFi connectivity problems in Perkasie, PA? Our professional WiFi repair services are designed to address all your network issues. Whether you have weak signals, frequent disconnections, or slow internet speeds, our team can diagnose and fix the problem. We specialize in troubleshooting and repairing routers and optimizing your network for enhanced performance. With our expertise, you can enjoy a stable and fast internet connection at home or in the office.

WiFi Installations

Looking for reliable WiFi installation services in Perkasie, PA? We offer customized WiFi setup solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. Our team ensures optimal router and extender placement for maximum coverage and speed. Whether you’re setting up a new network or upgrading an existing one, we provide efficient and reliable installation services for both residential and commercial properties. Experience high-speed internet connectivity with our professional WiFi installations.

Custom Computer Builds

Searching for custom computer builds in Perkasie, PA? Our experts are skilled in designing and assembling computers that meet your unique requirements. Whether you need a high-performance gaming PC or a powerful workstation for professional use, we use top-quality components to build systems that deliver exceptional performance and reliability. Let us create a custom-built computer that perfectly suits your needs and preferences.

Virus Removal

Concerned about viruses or malware on your devices in Perkasie, PA? Our virus removal services offer comprehensive solutions to eliminate malicious software and protect your data. We conduct thorough scans, remove all detected threats, and install robust antivirus programs to prevent future infections. Our process ensures your devices remain secure and function smoothly. Trust our skilled technicians to safeguard your technology from harmful viruses and malware.

Our Process

  1. Initial Consultation:
    • We begin with a detailed consultation to understand your specific needs and concerns.
    • For repairs, we conduct a thorough diagnostic to identify the issue.
    • For custom builds and installations, we discuss your requirements and preferences.
  2. Repair/Build/Installation:
    • Our technicians proceed with repairing your device, building your custom computer, or installing your WiFi network.
    • We use high-quality parts and components to ensure durability and optimal performance.
  3. Testing and Quality Assurance:
    • After the repair or installation, we perform extensive testing to ensure everything functions perfectly.
    • For custom builds, we assess the system’s performance and reliability under various conditions.
  4. Delivery and Setup:
    • Upon successful testing, we deliver your repaired device or custom-built computer.
    • For WiFi installations, we set up the network and ensure all devices are connected and operating correctly.
  5. Follow-Up and Support:
    • We provide post-service support to ensure your satisfaction with our work.
    • Our team is available to answer any questions and offer assistance as needed.

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Need help with technology in Perkasie? QG Smart Home can help with all of your technology needs. We can build, repair and optimize computers – contact us today!